Image and Text, Or Image as Text Conference

A fascinating topic.


The Print Screen: Image and Text, Or Image as Text one-day conference will be held at the University of Westminster in central London on Thursday May 12, 2016.


Although all are welcome and encouraged to come and take part, the conference is mainly targeted at PhD researchers and Early Career Researchers and aims to offer a friendly, inter-disciplinary space for the dissemination of ideas amongst researchers with a shared interest.

Call for Papers

This conference centres upon the intersection between image and text; pictorial depiction in relation to the written word. This inter-disciplinary position allows for contributions from literary studies, visual and cultural studies, photography and fine arts.

The image/text relationship is perhaps one of the most significant fields of current academic study since constructions of the text and the image, the modes of reading and seeing dependent on these constructions and the relationships between each of them play…

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Books Not Read

This is just excellent. Well done Sam Solecki! At last, someone else who does not feel guilty about not reading the inscrutable Kant and Finnegan’s Wake. I feel terribly guilty that I haven’t read War and Peace, although I honestly intend to; and Titus Andronicus, which I will probably not read – ever. Goethe’s Faust Part 1, which I picked up from Oxfam two months ago, is still sitting, accusing and unopened, on my shelf. Similarly to Prof Solecki here who has a sneaky read of Morse and Chandler, I would read Agatha Christie over Agamemnon any day of the week. My failure to finish anything that Nietzche has written (in my view he had a profound personality disorder plus hallucinations which interfered with his philosophising no end!) has niggled me for about 237 days now.

Books Combined

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 20.16.50.png Sam Solecki

Unlike the majority of the population, academics tend to be compulsive neurotics about reading.

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