Walking with… Alfie

Lovely story from a golden-hearted volunteer at NCAR rescue. Alfie seems such a lovely dog.


Running in the Rain with Alfie-Sausage

Suburban Bohemia

So, today (09th December 2016) I was back at North Clwyd Animal Rescue to go walking again, I dont usually walk the same dog twice but following on from my last visit when I walked Alfie, I was curious to see how he was getting on, so I asked for him again.

I’ve had a tough couple of weeks in between, Ive just got over a bad cold and havent been out of the house much and was getting a bit down, on my way here I had thought about whether to walk Alfie again, or ask for a different dog, I really wanted to be out in the fresh air, for my own benefit.

Anyway, out comes Alfie, bouncing along, and off we go. As expected he had a poo and a wee as soon as we hit grass, so he’s still clean in his kennel.

This is the…

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