Why we Write

19 year old Jed Birch’s incisive socio-economic critique. Wow! Owen Jones watch out.


At the core of Uprizine lie three premises:

  1. We are governed by corporations,
  2. The world as we know it is a ticking bomb,
  3. It doesn’t have to be this way.

These claims are not new, but they are more pressing today than ever before. In our articles, we seek to prove and promulgate each one.

  1. We are governed by corporations

Corporations have become entities, amoral and anonymous, wielding more power than anything else in existence. A handful have virtually monopolised all industries. Blinded by profit, these monopolies operate by abusing virtues the vast majority of us stand for. Politics is not successfully regulating them. The result is wealth – and therefore power – concentrated in the hands of a corporate elite.

Corporate Monopolies

Evidence? Austerity: a tax on the poor for the crimes of the superrich. Bank bailouts such as those on Wall Street in 2008, opposed by over 60% of Americans. The looming

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